Do you have difficulty breathing through your nose? Do you have to use Breath Right strips or pull your cheek skin over to breath better? Does it get harder for you to breathe when you exercise, or does your nose collapse in when you breathe?

Try moving your cheek skin away from your nose with your fingers. Does this help you breathe better?

If so, you might have Nasal Valve Obstruction.

Dr. Daniel Ganc now offers VivAer, an effective treatment for people suffering from Nasal Valve Obstruction.


How is VivAer different?

VivAer uses an innovative radiofrequency probe to widen the nasal airway. VivAer is a non-invasive procedure performed in Dr. Ganc's office under light anesthesia. No tissue is removed, and there are no incisions made during the procedure. Patients are usually back to normal activity the next day.


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