Have a stuffy, runny nose (Chronic Rhinitis)?

Over 2 million people in the US have Chronic Rhinitis that does not improve with medication.


Dr. Daniel Ganc now offers ClariFix, an effective new treatment for people suffering from Chronic Rhinitis.*

ClariFix is a simple, in-office procedure that uses Cryotherapy to treat overactive nerves in the nose. In a clinical study, 80% of people experienced lasting symptom relief. ClariFix is the only FDA-cleared procedure to treat Chronic Rhinitis.


How is ClariFix different?

ClariFix uses an innovative cooling probe to cool the nerves, causing long-term reduction in nerve overactivity. Reduction in the activity of the nerves of the nose has been shown to relieve runny and stuffy nose symptoms. No body tissue is removed during the procedure.


FAQ About ClariFix