Telehealth / Telemedicine Appointments - ENT, Sinus, and Allergy

  • Telehealth / telemedicine appointments are available to patients in the State of Florida for:
    • ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat)
    • Allergy
    • Sinus
  • Call us or contact us below to schedule an appointment by video conference call
  • Stay safe at home - your visit will be conducted on your own smartphone or electronic device
  • Covered by most insurance and Medicare. We will verify your coverage
  • Telehealth / telemedicine visits via FaceTimeFaceTime, ZoomZoom, and

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You don’t have to live with your stuffy nose, sinus headaches, hearing problems, or allergies…
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I’m Daniel Ganc, MD. I’m an Ivy League-trained Board-Certified Otolaryngologist—which is an ear nose and throat specialist—dedicated to the highest standard of care for ENT, Sinus, and Allergy problems.

At my office, we offer a full range of ear, nose, throat, sinus, and allergy treatments.

Our allergy testing and treatment center offers allergy shots, allergy drops, and more.

We also have a full sinus center, where we feature minimally invasive in-office procedures to help you treat your sinus problems with little to no downtime—including balloon sinuplasty, turbinate reduction, and polyp removal, all procedures which help with breathing and sinus problems.

In our hearing and balance center, we provide full audiology services, including the latest technology in hearing aids.

Finally, in our speech center, we evaluate patients with vocal cord and swallowing problems.

My philosophy toward my patients is to treat them like I would treat a member of my family—with dignity and respect. What's most rewarding for me is when patients come back to me and tell me they're doing great after suffering for years with problems like sinus headaches and difficulty breathing out of their nose.

I love helping them—and I'd love to help you too.

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