PROPEL – for Chronic Sinusitis


PROPEL® is a new clinically proven tool used by Dr. Ganc to help his patients with chronic sinusitis. It is a dissolvable spring-like stent that is placed after sinus surgery into the spaces where the sinuses drain. In addition to holding open this critical area of sinus drainage while the body heals, it contains an advanced anti-inflammatory medication that is slowly delivered to the healed lining of the sinuses during the crucial period of healing. After this period, PROPEL® fully dissolves.

PROPEL® is the first, and currently the only sinus surgery product proven with the highest level of evidence (Level 1-A). It has been shown in research studies to reduce scarring, inflammation, and polyps, which lowers the chance of needing further surgery or steroids by mouth, which can have side effects. PROPEL® has been shown to be safe in clinical trials.

Ask Dr. Ganc if sinus surgery with PROPEL® would be right for you.


PROPEL dissolvable stent holding open the drainage pathway of the sinuses after sinus surgery. It slowly releases mometasone furoate, an anti-inflammatory medication that has been used safely by tens of millions of people since 1997.

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