Sinusitis Treatment


Dissolvable Stents make Sinus Surgery more Comfortable

By Daniel Ganc / August 22, 2015

Here’s a recent report from Fox Health on one of the latest techniques in sinus treatment: Dissolvable stents (PROPEL) that emit anti-inflammatory medication to * Encourage healing * Prevent scarring and polyps * Keep the sinus space open after sinus surgery   More about PROPEL Dissolvable Stents for sinusitis:

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What is the difference between Sinusitis and the Common Cold?

By Daniel Ganc / August 9, 2014
Photo of Man with Sinus Headache

Read Dr. Ganc’s article featured by NeilMed (known for Neti Pot and Sinus Rinse), discussing: What is the difference between Sinusitis and the Common Cold? It can be hard to differentiate between a common cold and a sinus infection.

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Patients are Raving About Balloon Sinuplasty

By Daniel Ganc / July 31, 2014

Hear from NFL MVP Marshall Faulk and his experience with Balloon Sinuplasty. See more patient stories here!

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Clinical results for Balloon Sinuplasty

By Daniel Ganc / July 31, 2014

Patients show significant improvement in quality of life through 2-year follow-up, with no worsening of symptoms or problems for any patients.

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Clinical Study Shows Success of Balloon Sinuplasty In-Office

By Daniel Ganc / February 8, 2014

A recent study on Balloon Sinuplasty showed significant (mostly moderate to large) improvement in sinus symptoms, decreased need for antibiotics, decreased sinus-related doctor visits, and a decreased number of sinus infections (sinusitis) after treatment.  The results were similar in both people with chronic sinusitis (long-lasting symptoms) and those with frequent sinus infections. There were no significant side effects from the procedures,…

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Sinus Headaches

By Daniel Ganc / October 17, 2013

Everyone has gotten a headache at some point in their lives. However, do you know what kind of headache you’ve had? It’s important to get the proper diagnosis for sinus headaches so you can properly treat the problem. Symptoms of a Sinus Headache Sinus headaches are caused by a blockage of normal sinus drainage. The…

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Dr. Ganc and Balloon Sinuplasty featured by Boca Regional Urgent Care

By Daniel Ganc / September 22, 2013

Boca Regional Urgent Care highlighted Balloon Sinuplasty and referenced Dr. Ganc in its Health Blog.

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