Allergy Shots

Injection immunotherapy (allergy shots) is highly effective method of treating allergy symptoms over the long run. By injecting very small doses of concentrated forms of the problematic allergens (allergy causing substance), and increasing the dosage over time, you build up a tolerance to the allergen. This tolerance decreases your sensitivity to the allergen in the environment, reducing the patients allergy symptoms by changing your body's overreactive response to the allergens, rather then just treating the symptom with allergy medicines.

There are two phases to allergy shot treatment:

1. The build-up phase

Initially, you will receive shots weekly or twice-a-week (if you wish to reach the maintenance phase sooner). Over time, you will receive increasing amounts of allergen in each shot. This phase typically lasts at least 4 months.

2. The maintenance phase

After the build-up phase, you will be receiving the maximum dosage of allergen. During this maintenance phase, the shots will space out to every 2 weeks and eventually to every 4 weeks.


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