Allergy Drops (Sublingual Immunotherapy)

Allergy Drops, or Sublingual Immunotherapy, is a treatment to reduce the symptoms of allergies over the long-term. By placing drops under the tongue containing very small doses of the problematic allergens (allergy-causing substance), and increasing the dosage over time, the patient builds up a tolerance to the allergens.

Allergy drops allow you to control your allergies from home, with much fewer office visits than with allergy shots. The drops are specifically formulated to your allergies after testing at the office of Dr. Ganc, targeting specifically the environmental allergies that you are allergic to, including dust, cats, dogs, roaches, trees, mold, and grasses.

There are 2 phases of allergy drop therapy (sublingual immunotherapy):

1. The build-up phase

Initially you begins a three-month build-up period, slowing increasing the dosage of the allergens that you are allergic to.

2. The maintenance phase

After the build-up phase, you will be receiving the maximum dosage of allergen, which you will then continue for the remainder of the treatment course, which is generally 3 to 5 years.


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